SolarPak – The Most Versatile Day Pack

Here at DesignrCo, we noticed a few problems.

Whilst on a day outing, staying connected is as important as ever. As such, if your mobile device dies – you are left stuck without any means of communication, navigation or connectivity whatsoever. Disaster!

As more people commute and travel actively; whether it be via bike, walking or running they need a bag that is professional, stylish, comfortable, one that can carry everything they need and above all allows them to arrive to work in a presentable state (sweat-patch-less!).

Our modern lives are overwhelmed with clutter. Everyday we are overwhelmed by choice, whether it be what to wear when we wake up, what to eat for breakfast or what to watch after work.

With the SolarPak we set out to solve all these problems, providing you with a stylish, utility focused bag that will never let you run out of power.


With a number of features in the pipeline, our design team are working hard at creating a working final version, with a goal of end of September 2018 to end revisions on the product.
We are always looking for advice on what to add into our product, so if you have any great ideas – don’t hesitate to reach out to us on twitter!

Filming and the production of the crowdfunding campaign and video will commence shortly thereafter with a goal to launch, with press releases by January 2019.

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