We bring to life solutions and products for people throughout the world. We do this by focussing on client experience above all.

We don’t like to create a product just for the sake of creating a product. We like to solve your real-life problems with design that is both functional and beautiful.

A brief glance at our previous projects will give you an idea of what we are about, but seeing as that may take you a few minutes we thought we could summarise it here for you instead!


Our Ethos

What we provide to customers is an essential part of the success of us as a company; if there is dissatisfaction with a current product or a way to drastically improve business distribution (for example by bringing a service online) we simply look to solve the problems and provide an improved solution. That said, before embarking on a project, we look to adhere to a set of core values.

1. Value

The number one rule that we abide by is providing value to you, the customer. We do this by analysing your key aims and crafting a specifically engineered solution to solve these aims. Big or small, no problem is too hard for us to tackle – whether that be increasing your revenue through the execution of a bespoke digital strategy or pivoting your product to focus on online delivery, we are perfectly positioned to make this happen.

2. Change

Products and projects that we get involved in usually have a bigger purpose than just being profitable. We like to help push the world forward, whether it be through adoption of new climate change technology or prevention of poaching – we are committed to helping Change the World for the better.

3. Design & Aesthetic

No one wants an ugly product, at Designr Co we are committed to design, user satisfaction and aesthetic in everything we do – if a product isn’t visually pleasing – we won’t put it into production until it is. If a website isn’t easy to use and stylish, we won’t launch it until it is. At Designr Co, we don’t settle for average, and that’s not just in terms of design.

Flexible Location, Flexible Inspiration

The fact that all of our partners involved in the design of our products are from across the world, there is no set working location. This allows the team to draw inspiration from all regions of the world, whether that be Africa, Europe or the USA.

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